Children's Aid and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children of Essex County

Organized 1868

37 Hill Street
<1893>: 144 Market Street

<1908> - ?: 299 Halsey Street



Newspaper Articles

June 2, 1893 - A Child for Adoption
January 12, 1902 - Destitute and Orphans

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

A general non-sectarian society for the protection and help of children. It gives temporary shelter to destitute children and maintains a Newsboys' Home.


YCS Adoption Services Search and Reunion Program offers search services to adoptees 18 years and older, birth parents and siblings who are interested in establishing contact with their natural family and/or obtaining updated medical information.

Recently YCS expanded its search capabilities when the program acquired the adoption files of Christian Homes for Children in Hackensack which includes the files of Good Will Home and Rescue Mission in Newark and the Fort Lee Orphanage. These are in addition to the current record base of files from the Protestant Foster Home, Home for Friendless and Newark Home for Foster Care, Newark Orphan Asylum and the Children's Aid Society ­ The Prevention of Cruelty to Children. For more information about this program or to inquire about a search, call 973-395-0801 X417.