Eighth Avenue Baby Shelter & Day Nursery

61/63 Eighth Avenue


Organized 1893

Newspaper Articles

May 5, 1910 - Eighth Ave. Day Nursery Leaves the Federation


From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

An institution both for the continuous (day and night) care of children and with a nursery for day care. Children received from the ages of one year to eight years, subject to physician'[s examination. A fixed charge of $6.00 a month for one child, and $5.00 a month each for two children or more. Children are kept until they reach the age of about ten years. Capacity, 45. visiting days for the relatives or friends of the children: Second Sunday and the last Thursday of each month. Hours from 2 to 4 PM or thereabouts. Legal holidays are not visiting days except by special permission. A kindergarten is maintained within the institution for the small children. The older children are sent to school.