Newark Jersey Home for Disabled Soldiers

7th Avenue

Opened July 4th 1866

Moved to Kearney in 1888

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The following men have their dates and causes of death listed in the 22nd Annual Report. Click on a name to go to the image.

Samuel Parks Jr.

Dietrich Kuhlenkamp

Nicholas Crossman

John Kane

Sinclair Teets

Henry Deitch

Silas P. Broadwell

James Smith

Cornelius Joralemon

William Efner

Andrew J. Foster

Peter Vanderveer

Edward McDonald

Johann Muller

William Gardner

William Bullivant

Edward Logan

James Fitzpatrick

John Spath

Emanuel Ackerson

James White

Joseph H. Jenkins

John McKinnon

Thomas Cannon

Nelson Gardipe

Charles E. Orchard

John Smith

Philip Algyer

William Mehnert

John H. Price

Joseph Milburn

James Rooney

Thomas Heberle

William H. Lyon

William Fenerriegel