Beth Israel Hospital

1900 - <1928>: 651 High Street
<1928> - Present: 201 Lyons Ave.
Newark, New Jersey 07112

Incorporated in 1901

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March 1, 1903 - Another Nurses' Training School Opened
August 19, 1906 - Work on New Beth Israel Hospital Soon to be Begun
October 18, 1907 - Statement About Its Troubles by Executive Committee of the Hospital Board

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

A general hospital under Jewish auspices admitting patients of all faiths. Offers medical and surgical aid and nursing to the sick and disabled, suffering from acute, curable, and non-contagious diseases. Maternity cases taken. Will not admit tubercular patients. Capacity, 75: eleven private rooms, sixty-four ward patients. Admission to the hospital is by direct application. Charity cases taken by application to the Overseer of the Poor and on the written permit of a City Physician.


A small wooden-frame building was purchased at the intersection of Kinney and High streets in 1900 by the Daughters of Israel Hospital Association for $4,000. The Hospital was formally chartered two years later, in 1902 with the merger of the Hebrew Hospital and Dispensary. Six years later the hospital was expanded to accommodate 80 beds. In 1928, Louis Bamberger donated to the new building for the hospital. The finished hospital was a 12-story Spanish-style hospital with 350 beds, a 5 story school of nursing and a 4-story outpatient service building. The entire complex cost $3.5 million.

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