Newark City Hospital

116 Fairmount Ave.

1st Building: 1882-1901
2nd Building: 1901-1955
3rd Building: 1955-1979

became: Martland Medical Center
then: University of Medicine &
Dentistry of New Jersey

Second Building demolished in 1977/78

Newark City Hospital History (Rutgers University Library)

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Newark City Hospital was established in September, 1882 at 116 Fairmount Avenue. During its first year of operation over 1,100 patients were cared for. This was roughly 2% of Newark's population. Some of the treatments are as follows:

337 vaccinated
57 were treated for bronchitis
16 were treated for pulmonary catarrh
22 were treated for conjunctivitis
44 were treated for constipation
39 were treated for cough
33 were treated for diarrhea
46 were treated for dyspepsia
34 were treated for intermittent fever
32 were treated for gastric derangement
26 were treated for phthisis
31 were treated for rheumatism
22 were treated for ulcers
22 were treated for worms

From: 1893 Newark City Directory

The hospital is designed for the relief of the indigent poor of the city of Newark, without regard to race or color. Patients suffering from severe accident or sudden illness, are admitted at all hours of day or night. Other cases on admitted on application to any member of Board of Directors, any member of Medical Board, Health Physician, Overseer of the Poor, or Police Surgeon. A training school for nurses is connected with the hospital. Application for nurses must be made personally or in writing to the principal of the training school.

Presently functioning as the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Capacity - 300 beds. A general hospital supported by the city and under the control of the Board of Health. Admission to the hospital by permit of the City Physician, by application to the Board of Health, to the Overseer of the Poor or by direct application to the hospital. Maintains a Training School for Nurses.

From: "Newark, the City of Industry" Published by the Newark Board of Trade 1912

Another public building that is a credit to the municipality is the well equipped City Hospital. It is an immense stone, brick and iron, fire-proof structure, situated on high ground in the northwestern part of the city, and in it, under the direction of the Board of Health, a large staff of surgeons, physicians, pathologists, and nurses each year take care of hundreds of patients. To it there is soon to be built an addition.

From: Newark Municipal Yearbook 1953

During 1952, the hospital admitted 15,980 patients and gave emergency treatment in the Receiving Room to 27,027 more. The ambulance of the hospital made 7,008 runs. There were 1,659 births in the hospital during the year and 1,328 deaths. The Medical Social Services Department handled 4,857 case including 159 verterans cases. The latter were referred to Government hospitals. The Pre-natal Welfare Center supervised 2,265 cases and the Clinic was visited 11,728 times by 1,621 patients. The X-Ray Department examined 16,699 patients using 36,486 films. Treatment was give to 2,407 people in the Dental Clinic.

The Nursing School gradutated 18 during the year, making a total of 1,410 graduates. The nursing department received the first templorary accreditation of the National Accrediting Service.

The Hospital was credited with $98,274 for the care of relief clients of the City and $79,583 for the County for the care of Welfare Board clients. The Collection Divison had 3,636 teferred to it and collected $106,958, an increase of $10,568 over the previous year's total.