Commission for Ameliorating the Condition of the Blind of New Jersey

Established 1909

13 Central Avenue



From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Created by an act of the Legislature of 1909, to look after the interests of the blind in the State - to make a census of the blind, inquire into the present work in the State for the blind, and to supplement this and develop new means of helpfulness. Daily lessons are given in the class-room at the above address - reading, writing, stenography, typewriting, basketry, chair seating, weaving, hand and machine sewing, knitting, crocheting, and switchboard operating. In the home-teaching the aforementioned subjects are taught excepting stenography and switchboard work. The State appropriated in 1911, seven thousand five hundred dollars for the work of the Commission in gathering statistics and in home-teaching of the adult blind, and for office and clerical hire.