Newark Day Camp for Tuberculosis Cases

Opened in 1908

425 South Orange Avenue



From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Now maintained by the Newark Anti-Tuberculosis Association for the day treatment of promising cases and for 9 day and night patients. The Camp is for the benefit of tuberculosis patients who are not eligible for admission to the City Sanatorium or to Glen Gardner, or who are unable to leave their homes in order to go to these institutions. The number in the Camp is restricted to 20, and the endeavor is to improve the condition of the patients so that they will be admitted to one of these institutions or to so instruct them that they will properly care for themselves in their own homes.

In 1911, Camp used for tuberculosis children, those who are excluded from the public schools, and for whom there is no opportunity in any of our institutions. The Board of Education supplies a teacher.

Applicants must undergo a medical examination and the application form be filled out by their own or by a City Physician and the application then endorsed by the Medical Director. For admission, apply at the Committee Headquarters, 40 Clinton Street.