Newark Female Charitable Society

Clinton Street
1886 - <?>: 41 Hill  Street/305 Halsey Street

Founded in 1803

After 1912


Newspaper Articles

April 18, 1886 - Another Charitable Institution
December 14, 1902 - Newark Female Charitable Society nears the Century Mark

From: Newark City Directory 1850/51

This society was formed in 1803. The object of which was to assist all the worthy poor females of this city, without denominational distinction, who are of good character and standing, and in need of assistance.  An annual sermon has been preached by some one of our Clergymen and a collection taken in aid of the society, which, together with donations from other sources, has enabled the society to ameliorate the conditions of thousands of suffering poor in this city.

From “Newark and Its Leading Businessmen” 1891

The oldest of the charitable institutions of the city is the Female Charitable Society, whose headquarters are located in the handsome three story brick building on the corner of Halsey and Hill Streets.  The object of this society is not so much to give alms as it is to help poor women to help themselves.  The society conducts a day nursery for children, where women can leave their little ones when they go out to work; a laundry where women are taught washing and ironing, a sewing room and a department where young girls are instructed in general housework.  Its Board of Managers is composed of the leading ladies of Newark.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

A Society to relieve want without inducing pauperism. Cases are first investigated by the Bureau of Associated Charities. The Relief Committee visit the poor in their homes and give gratuitous or industrial aid as the case demands. The Society maintains a laundry, open daily and providing instruction and facilities for laundry work: dinner for women employed in the building daily at 12 PM. Industrial Building Saving Bank, deposits received Fridays at 4 PM: Mother's Meeting, Fridays at 2:30 PM (November to May); Sewing School, Saturdays at 10:30 AM (Movement to May); Kitchen Garden Class, Saturdays at 10:30 AM (November to May); Fresh Air Fund work from June until September.