St. Mary's Orphan Asylum

1045 S. Orange Ave.

Incorporated on March 10, 1853 - 1977/78

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1900 Census of "Inmates"

Carol O'Beirne Carman remembers St. Mary's Orphan Asylum


Records are kept at Associated Catholic Charities office in Newark.

Typhoid Epidemic At Orphan Asylum Checked - July 191, 1914 - Newspaper Article

01/12/1867 Article on Fair

From the 1893 Newark City Directory:

Receives orphans and half-orphans at three years of age and over.


From "Essex County, NJ, Illustrated 1897":

St. Mary's Orphan Asylum was founded in 1857 on Central Avenue, then Nesbitt Street, next to St. Patrick's Cathedral, by the most Rev Bishop Bayley. In 1861 the orphan girds were removed to the house corner Washington and Bleecker Streets, where they remained until the orphanage was complete at 1045 South Orange Avenue in1863. Since then several buildings have been added. In 1876 a four story building was erected as an industrial school, to which the orphan girls are transferred when they are old enough to be taught domestic economy, shirt making, ladies' undergarments, dress making, etc. They receive daily, three hours tuition in English and become self-supporting.

Children are received between the age of three and fourteen. At this age the boys are either sent to relatives or placed with responsible parties to earn a livelihood. At present there are one hundred and sixty boys, and one hundred and fifty four girls, making a total of three hundred and fourteen in the house. While the asylum is under the protection of a board of Directors, at the head of which is Rt. Rev. Bishop Wigger, of this diocese, the institution is managed by the Sisters of Charity, fifteen in number, who have devoted their lives and talents to the service of God's helpless little ones.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

A Catholic organization for the care of destitute orphan or half-orphan children of both sexes. Children are admitted between the ages of four years and thirteen years in the Orphan Asylum proper, and between thirteen years and eighteen years in the Industrial Department of the Asylum. The length of time children are kept depends on the circumstances of the case. If children are full orphans they are placed out as soon as the Catholic Children's Aid Association can find homes for them. Capacity, 300. The visiting days are Sunday afternoons generally. Children are sent to a private school attached to the institution. In the Industrial Department, dressmaking, lace-making, etc., are taught. There is no regular charge. The highest board asked for a child has never been above $8.00 per month. Apply for admission to Mother Superior, Sister Mary Austin, or the Catholic Children's Aid Association.