Newark Presbyterian Hospital

Incorporated April 7, 1909 (as Bethany Presbyterian Hospital)
Opened: 1912

27 S. 9th Street

Closed in February 1997

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History & Records Location (Rutgers University Library)

The Forgotten Past of New Jersey:
The Newark Presbyterian/United Hospital

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December 24, 1911 - Hospital Work of Presbyterians


Hospitals that merged with Newark Presbyterian Hospital:

Babies Hospital late 1960's
Newark Eye and Ear Infirmary late 1960's
Home for Crippled Children late 1960's

Presbyterian Hospital was renamed United Hospitals of Newark, then United Healthcare System and closed in February, 1997.

From: "Newark, the City of Industry" Published by the Newark Board of Trade 1912

The Presbyterian Hospital in Newark, NJ, is one of the latest organizations in the city. It is located in South Ninth Street, in the Roseville residential section, and is designed to supplement the work of the other hospitals in the community. Established on lines of broad humanity, this institution is conducting its work without distinction as to color, nationality, or religion. To it reputable physicians, other than the regular hospital staff, may, under proper regulations and restrictions, send their patients and also treat them personally. Co-operating with the Presbyterians on its Board of Trustees are representatives of other denominations.